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About Multimedia

Multimedia is art with many mediums, including film, literature, performance, music, sound, drama, visual arts, and design. In modern society the internet is a powerful tool to communicate art images, words, information, and drama.


When Emily Isaacson designed the first website tapestry series, the web seemed to be in its medieval stages, a force that was regarded with both suspicion and awe. Emily Isaacson has been utilizing the web to create multimedia art since 2005, and presents the Clay Road Tapestry Series here (first designed in 2006).  


Emily Isaacson's websites draw an average of 700 visitors daily. Last year marks 2 million visitors since her design company Voetelle's  inception nineteen years ago.


Emily Isaacson writes in her books of Justice and Liberty, two characters named after two icons in the Peace Tower Memorial Chamber in Ottawa. They are the icons of Justice and Joan of Ark.

For more information on her books . . .


The Wild Lily Institute is home of postmodern poet and photographer Emily Isaacson. Isaacson posted an online photography exhibit each year from 2004-2009. In September 2010 she exhibited at the MAC gallery in Mission, B.C. 


Emily Isaacson is a local holistic practitioner who has been using essential oils for over 20 years, and teaches her clients about the use of essential oils and their properties. She believes strongly in this ancient medicine. She is a doTerra representative. Buy oils or shop here.



"Emily is a painter, a sculptor, a ballerina with words."   

--Marc Dalton, MLA Mission B.C.

Armstreet photo courtesy of Used by permission.

Stained glass window in Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower photo courtesy of the National Film Board. Used by permission.

Photos of Emily Isaacson courtesy of the Wild Lily Institute. Used by permission.